Signage Designer/Wayfinding PM

The Signage Designer/Project Manager is a multi-faceted role responsible for design, wayfinding, quoting and project management oversight of Signage projects in the hospitality, education, healthcare, housing, and office markets.
The ideal candidate will have education and/or experience with wayfinding, ADA, and fire safety codes. You will be utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Excel as tools to produce comprehensive wayfinding packages.
Essential Job Functions:
Quoting: Responsible for providing a comprehensive bid package to customers.
Legal Compliance: Charged with ensuring that all bids sent to customers are in compliance with ADA regulations as well as Federal & State Codes relevant to hotel location and applied to their signage. (will train)
Graphic/Industrial Design of Interior, Exterior and Fabricated signage projects.
Project management of multiple and diverse signage projects
Computer Systems: Capable of using Adobe Illustrator, Excel and an ERP system (M2M).
Comprehension Skills: Reading customer RFQs, blueprints, and other relevant drawings or design to create a bid package.
Communication: Employee must be able to communicate clearly with management, co-workers, and customers regarding bid packages. Reading customer request, blueprints and other relevant drawings to create a bid package. This package is to communicate the placement of the signage on the floor plan and message schedules.
Training: A continual process of keeping up with production procedures, capabilities, ADA codes, and fire safety compliance is part of your everyday world. You are responsible for staying current with new and updated information. This is part of being able to quote/price signage products within packages accurately.
Employees in this position may be asked from time to time to assist in other means of the business and are not limited to the processes listed above. If employees are asked to perform other duties other than the above listed, proper training will be provided before the employee is to perform the specific task.
Physical Requirements:
The employee must be able to sit for at least 5 to 8 hours per day
The employee must be able to work at a computer station for at least 5 to 8 hours per day.
The employee must be able to lift at least 20 pounds.
Special Skills/Knowledge:
College education, preferably with a graphics or art background.
Knowledge & training in computer systems, including Adobe Illustrator, Excel, Word.
Ability to read and understand blueprints, drawings.
Equipment Used: Computer & Telephone

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